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Why I Choose Vegan: Part 1

Very regularly  I am asked, “Why are you vegan?”. You’d think by now I’d have a quick, smart, and persuasive answer. Nope. I still find myself tongue-tied, not sure how long my questioner wants to hear me talk and uncertain how to articulate my thoughts without sounding judgmental. Recently, while on a walk with my(…)


Why I Choose Vegan: Part 2

Last week I began a three-part series on why I choose vegan by sharing my thoughts on animal treatment and factory farming. If you’re interested, check it out here. Today I am focusing on the global impact of meat production and consumption, by whichI mean two things: the planet on which we live and the 7 billion people(…)


Why I Choose Vegan: Part 3

Welcome back to the final week of my series: Why I Choose Vegan. The first week I discussed Animal Rights and Factory Farming and last week I tackled the global impact of our meat consumption. Until very recently that would be it. Although I knew of other benefits of veganism, that’s all they were: benefits.(…)


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