Are all the recipes on The Sweet Life vegan?

Why yes, every recipe on this site is 100% vegan

Why do you choose a vegan lifestyle?

Great question! After being asked this question many times, I took the time to answer in a three-part series. Check it out here.

I’m looking for gluten-free/vegan recipes. Do you have any?

I make a lot of gluten-free recipes. Here is a link to a complete list.

What can I use instead of eggs?

I’m glad you asked. I have an article on replacing eggs here. If you have any specific questions, just contact me.

Can I re-post your recipe on my blog?

I LOVE when people share my recipes, but please do not re-post them on your blog. You can link to them on your blog but I do not like my recipes floating around the internet. Feel free to use one photo if you want to directly link it back to my blog, but do not remove the watermark. 

Do you do book/product reviews on The Sweet Life? 

Yes! I really enjoy doing book and product reviews as long as the products I’m reviewing are 100% vegan.  Contact me for more information.  

Have you written any cookbooks? 

I currently have a self-published ebook of my raw desserts, In the Raw. Check it out here. And I am (very slowly) working on my first cookbook…more information to come. 

Do you sell ad spots on your website? 

I currently have a few sidebar spots open for advertising. I am only interested in products and companies that support vegan and sustainable living. For more information, check out my advertising page

How can I contact you?

email me at sarah @ thesweetlifeonline dot com
You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest 


  1. Jill Ward

    I would like to try the vegan Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe please. My 20yr old son is not able to tolerate eggs but he ate a cookie I made for my daughter and he was fine with it. He really misses when I make chocolate chip though. My 18yr old daughter has severe IBS and is controlling it with diet. I cook and bake organic and follow books and recipes by Heather Van Vorous. There is a chocolate cookie (to be used as an ice cream sandwich but we just make the cookie) that she can tolerate made with egg whites and he liked it also and did not get sick. I am not sure if I can just substitute egg whites for eggs in Nestle or if I need to do something else. Love what I’ve read on your site so far! I found you as I googled for Nestle:) Thank you and have a great day!


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